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Making the ultimate Electric Liquid Transfer Pump needs speed, stability, and precision. It needs to be light but strong, reliable, and swift to last long & to always be ready for use. If you are also looking for ultimate Electric Liquid Transfer Pump, look no further. Here we will provide you with a complete list of tested & top-notch Electric Liquid Transfer Pump.

Our top Electric Liquid Transfer Pump recommendation is based on a wide range of factors. After testing 46774 Electric Liquid Transfer Pump products, we prepared a list of Top 10 Best Electric Liquid Transfer Pump of different brands.

Electric Liquid Transfer Pump
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1FUELWORKS Fuel Transfer Pump Kit 15GPM/57LPM DC 12V 180W 22A Rotary Vane Motor with 14′ Foot Anti-Static Discharge Hose & Filter9.6Shop On Amazon
22PK – TERA PUMP TREP03 Multi-Purpose Powered Liquid Transfer Pump / Fuel Transfer Pump – 110V AC / 12VDC9.4Shop On Amazon
3Ontel Turbo Pump Automatic Liquid Transfer Pump (TUPU-MC6)9.4Shop On Amazon
4TERA PUMP Portable Power Water / Fuel Transfer Battery Pump with Auto-Stop Sensor ( 2.4 GPM )8.6Shop On Amazon
5Ideaworks JB4840 Sierra Tools JB5684 Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump8.6Shop On Amazon
6Portable DC 12V Electric Transfer Pump Extractor Suction Oil Fluid Water For Auto Marine Boat Diesel Car Motorbike8.6Shop On Amazon
7DEWAY Automatic Fuel Transfer Pump – 3X More Powerful D Battery Powered8.4Shop On Amazon
8TERA PUMP Electric Liquid Transfer Pump – Versatile Fuel Transfer Pump with 8.2 inch Hose8.2Shop On Amazon
9Deway Automatic Fuel Transfer Pump with Auto-Stop8.2Shop On Amazon
10EXTRAUP 115Volt 330 GPH Portable Low Suction Electric Water Transfer Removal Utility Pump With Suction Hose Kit8.2Shop On Amazon

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1. FUELWORKS Fuel Transfer Pump Kit 15GPM/57LPM DC 12V 180W 22A Rotary Vane Motor with 14′ Foot Anti-Static Discharge Hose & Filter

  • SPECIFICATIONS – This Fuel Transfer Pump Kit includes a Self-Priming DC 12V 180W 22A Rotary Vane motor @2400rpms, that produces a flow rate of 15GPM / 57LPM with 3/4” NPT Inlet/Outlets, includes: a 16ft.
  • RESILIENT & EFFICIENT – The compact size, reliable & simple installation of the pump, hoses, extendable extension tube & nozzle are all designed for making it easy to transfer fuel.
  • SAFETY & PROPER USE – This Fuelworks pump comes in a very strong & durable polypropylene case to protect the pump during transit & the user during operation.

2. 2PK – TERA PUMP TREP03 Multi-Purpose Powered Liquid Transfer Pump / Fuel Transfer Pump – 110V AC / 12VDC

  • Multi-Purpose Electric Fuel Transfer Pump with 110V AC Power or 12V DC Cables (requires a Car or Marine Battery, Not Included).
  • Flow Rate of Up to 2.
  • Quick Stop Manual Safety Nozzle with 8.
  • Flows Great with Water (Not for Drinking Water), Gasoline, Diesel, Antifreeze, Light Oil, Soaps, Chemical insecticides, Detergent, Deodorants, Mild Acids, Wax and more.

3. Ontel Turbo Pump Automatic Liquid Transfer Pump (TUPU-MC6)

  • 3 ft. Hose attachment – Cordless- no messy wires!
  • Easily fill or drain liquids fast and easy – lightweight and portable
  • Auto stop sensor- prevents spills – Turbo syphon technology- quickly pumps liquid to the last drop
  • The powerful suction IMPELLER pumps liquids at a Speedy 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Battery powered – requires 3a x AA batteries (not included)

4. TERA PUMP Portable Power Water / Fuel Transfer Battery Pump with Auto-Stop Sensor ( 2.4 GPM )

  • TIRED OF LIFTING HEAVY GAS CANS? | Tired of Spilling Fuel? Our Pump will help and save you the pain and the mess | Automatically Pump with a Single Hand or No Hands at All for a Hand-Free Experience | 2 Foot Discharge Hose to Fuel from greater distances – Perfect for Generators in Emergencies, ATVs, Tractors, Cars, Trucks and more.
  • NEVER LOSE A DROP OF FUEL AGAIN | Our Pump was Engineered to be prevent any Fuel Loss by Automatically Stopping your precious Fuel | Our Built-In Sensor will warn you with a boisterous Beep preventing any Overflow.
  • LARGE CAPACITY TRANSFERS | Capacity of up to 600 Quartz of Fuel or 150 Gallons with only Two (2) AA Batteries [NOT Included] Fuel without worry of needing to Change Batteries out | Fuel anywhere is your home, garage, farm, side or the road or Drain Sinks, Tubs, Basements and much more.
  • INCREDIBLE TRANSFER RATES | Siphons at rate of 2.
  • CSA CERTIFIED | Under UL Standards.

5. Ideaworks JB4840 Sierra Tools JB5684 Battery Operated Liquid Transfer Pump

  • Transfer pump for a variety of liquids
  • Pumps gas, water, oil, and other non-corrosive liquids
  • Pumps 5 to 6 quarts of liquid per minute
  • Reduces mess when transferring liquids
  • Use in garage, aquarium, boat, bathroom, or yard

6. Portable DC 12V Electric Transfer Pump Extractor Suction Oil Fluid Water For Auto Marine Boat Diesel Car Motorbike

  • The DIY pump Kit is easily to install , Widely used in many areas such as: auto marine boat diesel car motorbike , agricultural irrigation, drinks transfer, garden cleaning,summer cooling, industrial applications,DIY and so on.
  • Portable for travel, Small size, DC 12V If you want to connect this pump to AC power, you will need a power converter.
  • Maximum Pressure: Max. 0.8MPA,Maximum Flow: 4L/min, Rated Power: 60W
  • Pump Diameter: Approx.
  • Package includes: 1x Oil Pump, 1x 11mm outlet pipe, 1x 5mm Brass Pipe, 1x 6mm Nylon Pipe, 1x Manual

7. DEWAY Automatic Fuel Transfer Pump – 3X More Powerful D Battery Powered

  • p>STOP LIFTING HEAVY CANS | Flexible System Finally Gives Your Back a Break | Operate the Pump with One Hand or 100% Hands-Free—No Heavy Lifting! | Extra Long Transfer & Suction Tube Easily Reaches Inside High Cans, Big Water Jugs & Other Large Tanks, While the Oversized Transfer Hose Provides Further Length & Reach

  • p>POWERFUL ALL-PURPOSE TRANSFER HOSE | Portable Device Allows You to Siphon & Transfer All Kinds of Non-Corrosive Liquids & Fuels with the Flip of a Switch! | For Use with Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel, Light Oils, Non-Potable Water, Chemical Insecticides, Soaps, Detergents, Deodorants, Mild Acids, Antifreeze & Beyond

  • p>PROFESSIONAL & EVERYDAY APPLICATIONS | Go-To Device for Anyone in Need of Stress-Free Fuel or Liquid Transfer | Use to Fill Up or Empty Your Emergency Generator, Riding Lawn Mower, Yard & Garden Equipment, Utility & ATV Vehicles, Construction Machinery, Cars, Motorcycles, RVs, Cleaning Equipment & More!


8. TERA PUMP Electric Liquid Transfer Pump – Versatile Fuel Transfer Pump with 8.2 inch Hose

  • Transfer rate of up to 10.
  • Tera Pump’s Flow Control Nozzle will prevent any fuel loss by stopping the flow as the Nozzle is released or Lock the Nozzle for longer fueling sessions.
  • Dispenses gas, diesel, DEF / AdBlue, water, kerosene, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, mild detergents, agricultural chemicals and light oils.
  • Suction tube length of 17.
  • Cordless, portable, lightweight and useful in the Garage, Basement, Bathroom, Shop or Yard – Transfer fuel from gas can to Cars, Tractors, Lawnmowers, Boats, Snow blower and more.

9. Deway Automatic Fuel Transfer Pump with Auto-Stop

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  • SIPHON ANYTHING IN SECONDS | Easy, Multipurpose Electric Transfer Pump Allows You to Fill & Empty Liquid at Top Speed Without Heavy Lifting | Built-in Adapter Screws Directly Onto Any Standard Gas Can For No-Spill Siphoning | For a Variety of Industries & Applications: Automotive, Lawn, Aquariums, Generators, Etc.
  • WIDE PUMP COMPATIBILITY | Hose is Made of Highly Durable Polyethylene Plastic with Resistance to Rust & Corrosion, with a Universal Adapter That Fits Most Cans | Compatible with Gasoline, Diesel, Non-Potable Water, Deodorants, Antifreeze, Washer Fluid, Thinner, Toluene & Chemical/Agricultural Insecticides. (* ADAPTER WILL NOT FIT MOST US KEROSENE CAN)

    • SIMPLE ON/OFF OPERATION | Just Screw the Siphon Directly Onto The Can & Press the “On” Button to Get Things Moving | To Transfer Liquid, Screw Suction Pipe Onto Supply Container, Place Drain Spout Into Receiving Container & Press “On” for Fast Effortless Flow | To Stop Suction, Just Press “Off”
    • FLEXIBLE NO-KINK CONSTRUCTION | Heavy Siphon Pump Features a Maneuverable, High-Quality Hose with Stretchy, Bendable Design that Keeps its Shape Once Placed Into Desired Position—Great for Siphoning in Tight Spaces & Hard-to-Reach Locations | Built-In Adapter Makes it Easy to Move Liquid Without Messy Spills
    • CONVENIENT PORTABLE DESIGN | Our High-Quality Device is Built to Last Many Years of Anytime, Anywhere Siphoning Action | Keep it in Your Trunk, Garage, Shop, Scrapyard, Toolkit, Shed or Closet for Quick, Clean, Dependable Liquid Transfer | Great for Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Lawn Mowers, Snowblowers, Etc.
  • 10. EXTRAUP 115Volt 330 GPH Portable Low Suction Electric Water Transfer Removal Utility Pump With Suction Hose Kit

    • Power: 1/10HP;Max Flow: 330gph; Max Lift: 39ft
    • Remove Water Down To 1/8″ with Water Suction Attachment (Included)
    • Included 6′ hose,Water Suction Strainer and impeller replacement kit.This is Self-priming Pump
    • Works great for draining the water heaters,water beds,washing machines,or for filling radiant heating systems.
    • PLEASE Fill the water in the Pump Head before First Time use
    • This pump is only used for CLEAN WATER!

    The Ultimate Buying Guide For Electric Liquid Transfer Pump.

    Buying a Electric Liquid Transfer Pump is an experience that has changed over the years. What used to be a simple process has become rather complicated. With so many factors to consider, it can be hard to choose what’s right for you and your needs. That is why we’ve put together this buying guide, which will hopefully make the process of buying the new Electric Liquid Transfer Pump easier for you!

    How many features do I need?

    The first thing to consider when buying a Electric Liquid Transfer Pump is how many features do you really need? There are so many features available in today’s tools that it can be hard to know what you really need. Do you need all the bells and whistles or is a simple tool good enough? You should start by deciding what features are essential for your business.


    The next step is to decide which of the features that you need are really important to you. Will those extra features make your life easier or will they add unnecessary complexity? This can be a difficult decision because you have to be honest with yourself.

    If the feature that you are considering is something that you think would be nice to have, but will not really help your life in any significant way, then it is probably a good idea to pass on it. However, if you think that having this feature will make your life easier or more efficient, then by all means go for it. It may cost a little bit more, but sometimes it is worth it.


    If there are two different models that have almost identical features, but one is more expensive than the other, then you will want to take a close look at them both and figure out which one has better quality. This may not always be obvious, so you will need to make your best guess as to which one will last longer or work better.

    Size and Weight:

    When it comes to size, the general rule is that the bigger the better. This is especially true if you plan on using your new for backpacking or other activities where space and weight are a concern. The most common sizes for these kinds of Electric Liquid Transfer Pump are between 0.5 ounces and 2 pounds.

    Of course, this isn’t always the case, so make sure to take your own needs into account when choosing what size you want to buy. Some of them can be as small as the size of a smartphone, while others can weigh up to 8 pounds. It all depends on what you need it for.


    We hope this article has helped you figure out what is the best Electric Liquid Transfer Pump to suit your needs. If there is anything else we can do for you, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter so that we can stay connected.