Welcome to my little online corner!

This blog is all about my experience of building a dream closet. A closet full of beautiful mix and match pieces made of silk and cashmere. A closet where never happens to have nothing to wear in the morning. 🙂

My name is Katerina and I love beautiful clothes. Here is my story:

I come from the Czech Republic, a beautiful country in central Europe. Yet most of my adult life I have spent exploring the world and working in different countries. Because of often changing my place of living and working in a uniform, the big wardrobe full of clothes was nonsense to me. I wasn’t able to wear all those pieces I bought on a way, neither to put them in my suitcase. Plus I’ve always tended to choose the same piece which fits the best and was the most comfortable.

So I started to think. I might don’t need fifteen sweaters. Instead, two or three quality cashmere sweaters that fit perfectly on me and matching with the rest of the wardrobe are enough. I stopped doing compromises, start buying less but only the best for me. And make sure I will wear (and love) every single piece enough.

My wardrobe is now smaller yet I’ve never felt better about it. I started to appreciate more the beauty of natural fibers, the perfect cut, and stitching… I don’t have to trow a new tee after one washing because it has shrunk. And I don’t have a problem to wake up in the morning and have nothing to wear neither to feel insecure all day long because of not fitting clothes.

That’s why I found “The Closet Guide” blog. The place where I can share my passion for beautiful clothes and share some tips and tricks which I explored on my way for the perfect wardrobe. Also, I would be happy to hear your experiences so we can learn from each other, on our way to be the best version of ourselves and be nicer to our planet as well.

So be warmly welcomed and feel free to stay here as long as you want. 🙂

PS. I decided to write this blog in English since I love to get connected with people from different nations. But as a non-native English speaker, I tend to make mistakes here and there. Please be generous I do my best. And I appreciate it if you correct me. 🙂

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